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About Me

About Me
Pauline Nicholls - Business Advantage

I have been serving the St. Thomas community and surrounding area for 17 years. I am excited to expand my business with a second growing location in Port Stanley.

Offering personal and business income tax services, as well as bookkeeping for small business.  I have had the privilege of serving two generations of clients.  

Bookkeeping & Tax Preparation

Streamline your business processes and get an edge on the competition!

Having an organized system for bookkeeping and tax preparation can give your business the edge it needs to succeed. With proper management and financial tracking, you’ll be able to maximize your profits and have better insight into what’s driving growth in your business.

And at the same time, having a reliable service provider like Business Advantage means you can feel confident that everything is accurately captured and reported – that’s because I take care of all the data entry, finances statements, tax-filing and more!

Trusted Knowledge & Experience

Why Choose Business Advantage?

Pauline has the knowledge and experience needed to handle all of your business’s income tax and bookkeeping needs!


Prioritizing respect and honesty in all aspects of work.


Ensuring that everything is done accurately and timely.


Fostering meaningful relationships based on mutual respect.


Providing financial services for over 16 years.


Delivering fast and accurate information for clients.


Dedication and accuracy with each task entrusted to us.

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